Youtube Channel Art Space

Use the program below to create your own channel art or grab an existing youTube channel art design and add your own text or images to it. This tool is made available for free thanks to

I fooled around in Photoshop yesterday and suddenly I had something cool going on with the colors red and blue. I continued to add layers with effects and all of a sudden I had this beautiful scene infront of me. The last thing I did was to add the stars which made the design go crazy. At that very moment I knew I had an awesome channel art for you guys. Enjoy! :)

Not so long ago YouTube updated their design specs to some type of newer One Channel . This features a single piece of background artwork that centers itself on your desktop monitor, smartphone browser, and television set. YouTube channels are becoming much more customized to fit any type of media display. This means you want to size BG images to the exact dimensions of 2560x1440px fitted right around the center.